Legal Guidance For Truck Accident Victims

Are You A Victim Of A Truck Accident?

So many commercial trucks are driven by people who could stand to be a little more careful. Yes, this is true. How can you make sure that your accident was preventable, and that you’re welcome to compensation? Well, most commercial truck accidents were preventable. Many of the commercial truck accidents that have happened recently have been because of a cell phone. Yes, even professional drivers will text and drive. A lawyer is a great way to get compensation when you’ve been involved in a truck accident that could have been avoided.

First, you and your attorney will need to make a decision. You will either need to sue the driver of that vehicle or the company that employed him. In most cases, it’s much wiser to go after the company. They tend to have a lot more money, and will be able to pay the lawsuit in full. Plus, people tend to have less sympathy for corporations. You might be thinking: “Isn’t it the drivers fault?” Yes, it is, but it’s also the fault of the people who hired him.

Did you know that texting while driving can be prosecuted in the same manner as drunk driving? Justice is something you will get when this is the case. Not only will the driver of the truck have to deal with civil court, but this will also be a criminal case as well. It’s a felony to drive while distracted, especially if this causes an accident.

Of course, you’ll need to look up the local laws for your area. Some states are a bit laxer when it comes to distracted driving. Other states are very tense. (At the bottom of this page I’ve included a list of the best truck accident attorney(s) in a lot of areas in the United States). The laws have become a lot stricter when it comes to distracted driving, especially for people who drive for a living. If it’s your job, you should know better right?

Are you curious about the number killed by distracted drivers, and non-distracted commercial truck accidents? It usually reaches about 1,000 every year. Yes, if you’ve been the victim of one of these accidents, you’re lucky to be alive, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve compensation.

Is your car totaled? Are there any hospital bills you can’t pay? If so, you need some sort of compensation, and you should stand up for your right to get it. In most cases, especially with those that have to deal with a commercial truck driver, that’s supposed to know what he’s doing, you’re in the right, and he is liable, so don’t be afraid to take it to court.

I hope you seek out the justice you deserve. You’ll never be compensated if you don’t. Why not talk to a lawyer today. If you were hurt by a commercial truck driver, it’s highly likely that you have a case. Don’t be afraid to go for it.

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